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Meet the founder of Freedom Moses

We talk sandals, summer and starting a business with Paris-born designer Sarah Gurt

Ever since hush was founded all those years ago, celebrating, encouraging and championing women, is something we’ve been incredibly passionate about. hush Loves began as a way for Mandy (our very own founder) to share personal recommendations, but the idea behind it has always been to support small businesses. So, in this new series, we’ll be sitting down with some of the inspiring founders of our hush Loves brands to learn more about their purpose and passions.

We like our summer style to be cheerful and effortless, right down to the shoes on our feet. Thankfully, so does Sarah Gurt, who started her brand Freedom Moses in 2014 having designed shoes for the likes of big-name fashion labels Thierry Mugler and Oscar de la Renta. But don’t worry, these aren’t the kind of avant-garde, over-in-a-season styles you might see coming down the catwalks – Freedom Moses slides are designed to be loved and lived in forever, with ethical production and sustainability at the forefront of the brand’s ethos. We asked Sarah all about her ultra-colourful slides and where she’ll be wearing them this summer.


Tell us about Freedom Moses. What makes it unique?

The (almost) endless range of colours, prints, shimmers… anyone can find what tickles their fancy! Our slides are genderless, no-fuss and, most importantly, extremely comfortable!

What sparked the idea for Freedom Moses?

Creating a brand around a singular product that sparks comfort and joy around the globe.

What is it you love about being a designer?

That I can find inspiration in everything and apply it to a product that people will hopefully love.

How important is sustainability to you?

Extremely. That’s why we constantly try to find new ways of applying sustainability to our brand. We changed all our packaging to be biodegradable and removed all plastic hangers, which we replaced with cardboard. Every detail counts in becoming more sustainable.

What are your biggest learnings from building a brand?

It takes time and there’s no magic button – it's hard work. I’ve learned in the past eight years to take better care of myself so that I can be less reactive when issues come up.

Were there any obstacles you faced during the process?

For sure, it’s part of the journey! No pain no gain, as they say… For example, production and logistics have become extremely expensive since Covid, making it challenging to produce good quality at fair prices.

How would you describe your personal style?

Eclectic, colourful and mood-correlated.

How do you recommend people style Freedom Moses sandals?

I personally love them with thin socks and shorts, or with bare feet for evening looks – like a mini summer dress with colourful slides. I also mix and match patterns because I love a funkier look.

Any hush pieces you have your eye on?

Yes! I’m loving the Rainbow Relaxed Sweatshirt for daytime and the Cicley Sequin Skirt for some sparkle!

Where will you be wearing your sandals this summer?

I’m staying in Tel Aviv this summer, so I’ll be wearing them from the office to the beach. I always have a few pairs on me!

Where do you love to go on holiday?

Thailand for sure, but I hope to explore India in 2022.

What’s your favourite thing about the summertime?

You can’t beat sunsets at the beach!

You’ve started a chill movement – what’s your favourite way to chill out?

I like to chill with my dog ‘mini Max’ on the couch and listen to some hang drum and chimes music, phone-less. Or be with my friends just hanging out anywhere – again, phone-less! Disconnecting is my definition of chilling.

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